Some flight-fares from:

All following flights are calculated for a departure on July 15th, which is the main season. For other fares and special offers please check the above website or contact Mr. Frank Leskova personally at: referring to or me (Robert W. Kranz)

From Frankfurt to...

Sydney: EUR 659 (Singapore Airlines)
Perth: EUR 659 (Singapore Airlines)

Lagos: EUR 844 (Ethiopian Airlines)
Johannesburg: EUR 561 (Olympic Airways), EUR 610 (Emirates)

USA / Canada:
New York: EUR 380 (Czech Airlines)
Chicago: EUR 467 (Iberia)
San Francisco: EUR 725 (Delta Airlines)
Toronto: EUR 380 (Czech Airlines)
Vancouver: EUR 762 (British Airways)
Honolulu: EUR 968 (Korean Airlines)

Peking: EUR 500 (Air China), EUR 540 (Aeroflot)
Shanghai: EUR 500 (Air China)
Hong Kong: EUR 488 (Cathay Pacific)

Papeete: EUR 1397 (Air France)
Nadi: EUR 1453 (Air New Zealand)

Prices for flights to Liberia have, with the exception of Ghana Airways (EUR 735,- until 14th of July, afterwards EUR 1.042,- until the 14th of August, and then EUR 820,- until September 7th, from September 8th until December 8th EUR 735,- and EUR 1.042,- for the rest of the year, increased dramatically: SN Bruxells has increased their fares to EUR 1.725,-.

Now some fares to Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina for the upcoming “Bong Town High School”-Reunion. The flights are also calculated for a departure on July 15th and the classic weekend stay.

From Frankfurt...
EUR 682 with British Airways (via London and Chicago/New York/...)
EUR 720 with American Airlines (via London, nonstop from London to RDU)

From London (in British Pound)...
GBP 350 with KLM
GBP 451 with Lufthansa und United
GBP 461 with American Airlines (nonstop)

USA national... USD 160 with Continental Airlines from Newark
USD 150 with United Airlines from Chicago O'Hare
USD 185 with Continental Airlines from Houston
USD 270 with US Airways from Los Angeles

From Africa...
USD 2500 with Delta/Air France from Lagos (10 days minimum stay)

All above prices are without the Airport Tax. For most routes you can calculate about EUR 80,- to EUR 120,-, with national US flights averaging between EUR 60,- and EUR 80,-.
As always, most expensive is anything getting close to West Africa, here you have to calculate with about EUR 150,- Airport Tax and in some cases it can even reach up to EUR 200,-.