What can you do to assist my work?

There are a lot of ways in which you could render your assistance, such as:

Pop-Ups: Taking some time to write a short story about your life since leaving the Bong, which will then be posted in your personal Pop-Up window together with two pictures of you (one from Bong and one from today). It would be great if you could write this report in English.
(e.g. Lars and Thorsten Schäfer; Saskia Modl; Daniela Shintu ->in the "Bong Education Center" section, German branch)

Reports: - Do you remember some funny or interesting stories which you would like to share with all of us? Any anecdotes from those days at Bong, things that made up our daily life, those little hassles, adventures and experiences?
If you have been involved with the creation of a club or have a vast memory of on or the other club, then it would be great if you could write a brief history, timeline, or even create a whole site about this club for this website.

Anything missing?: Do you feel that something is missing on this website? Well, then please tell me, make your suggestions or just go ahead and collect material for a topic which you would like to have added. It’s a page for all of us and so it would be great if everyone would contribute a little.

Persons: - There still are People missing in my Database. Please go through the names, check out whether all the people you knew and worked with are listed and if you miss someone please let me know. I would also like to have the names of those that have sadly left us until today.

Photos, etc.: - Do you still have pictures, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, and films? Anything is welcome. Either as hardcopy or as scan. Please scan pictures at least at a resolution of 480x640 Pixels with 72dpi
I am really looking for pictures of Bong Town itself, which is of all the houses, the installations, clubs and street scenes. I need these for the town-map which is clickable and so you might get an impression of the town by clicking on the map.

Translations: - As you have probably seen, I haven’t translated most of the reports. If you would like to do this translation that would just be great, as it really consumes a fair amount of time.