Some Statistics:

When I started writing this website I never even imagined the amount of interrest and traffic I would get. I was already startled after being online for the first month in January 2001, but still, I get new visitors every month who´ve just discovered this website.

A statistics overview for

Offering 124,76 MB of data (pictures, sound-files and text) on this site I sofar had visitors from 68 countries, have a 12-month average of 78.000 page-hits and a 6-month average of 88.714 page-hits, have regular visitors from 8 major international newspapers and have brought a large number of people from Bong Town and Liberia together again, or at least could help them to make contact with long lost friends again.
All this was made possible by the assistance I got from you, my readers. Thank you!
I hope that I´ll be able to keep this work going in the future as I have some other time-consuming projects running as well and because I want to cover more international news-events and I have not only to finally finish my studies but also have to earn the money to make a living and maybe make my dreams come god willing!

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