At work is finally continuing.

Sadly I didn’t have any time to work on these websites earlier. After returning from Afghanistan in late 2002, I had to re-sort my life in Germany, write quite some stories and articles and try to sell as many pictures as I could. Despite getting back to my exams at University I also started another web-project: A music magazine for RnB and Rock ´n´ Roll, which tries to help young bands/musicians on their way to fame. The feedback I received from this work was so overwhelming that I have spent the last month’s weekends at concerts and have now received an offer to publish this magazine in the monthly edition of a newspapers´ culture publication. At the moment I am working on the print-layout and also the international edition for the web. You can find it at:

Earlier this year I then also experienced a total loss of data due to a complete head-crash on my notebooks hard-disk. This threw me back a couple of months again, as a fair amount of work had to be repeated.

The interest in my major website though has never ceased. Not only did I receive a large number of pictures from former employees, but the 12-month average is now up to nearly 80.000 page-hits and the 6-month average is at 88714 page-hits. Thank you!

Maybe these statistics will help me find interested sponsors for this and my other websites, especially If you’re interested in supporting/sponsoring or would like to have more detailed information about the statistics of my websites, then please contact me by mail at:
Barter-deals are also very much welcome.

One sponsor, who is already assisting me with my work, is Mr. Frank Leskova who owns the travel-agency:
Some of his offers can be found in this newsletter, but they just represent an overview of the fares he can offer. Many more offers can be found on the above website, or email him at to inquire possible special offers for your travel needs. As he is also specializing in business travel he can over a great amount of highly competitive fares from almost any place in the world.
Please don’t be taken aback by the location of his agency, because he, unlike many other travel-agents, is able to have your flight ticket deposited at virtually any airlines´ counter for you to pick it up. Please also inquire for special conditions for frequent travelers and business clients.
When booking or inquiring it would be great if you could refer to me (Robert W. Kranz) or the website. Thank you very much!

As you may already have discovered, I have updated the News-Section and uploaded some more pictures from Bong and Liberia. There is more to come, e.g. more reports and stories from my growing collection of literature from/about Liberia.
There’s also a new CD in the section “Music to download”. It’s from the Liberian band “Soulful Dynamics” who had a couple of big hits in the German charts in the ´70s.

But what is coming up?

a) The address data-base is nearly finished and hopefully soon I’ll have changed it on the website as well, then available as php-data-base with full search capabilities just as well as offering an input-window for you to edit/change your personal information.

b) I am working on a shop for memorabilia from past days at Bong, offering most of the various Clubs´ T-Shirts, stickers and sew-on badges, as well as DVDs and VCDs of movies and news from Bong Town and Liberia.
There will also be a movie from 1930-32 which I bought earlier this year, showing the travel of a German familly from Hamburg to Monrovia, their life in Liberia, the country then and their return to Hamburg, available.

c) Two old books about Bong Town will be available as reprints as well.

d) I would really like to post some more “Personal Pop-Up”-Windows but …. There seems to be no real interest in writing about oneself, isn’t it?