Liberia today:

Thanks to the fast life we are living nowadays, there don’t seem to be too many people realizing the repetition of events in Liberia. It’s just happening a month later than last year, which may be because of the weather situation.
In May, 2002, Liberia and Charles Taylor as its President was accused of committing war-crimes, peace-talks were started and the rebels of LURD were once again fighting government troops in the suburbs of Monrovia. Thousands of Liberians were fleeing the fighting, expatriates were being evacuated and atrocities were being committed by both sides.
Has anything changed? Then? Will anything change? Now?

Believing in, and praying for peace in Liberia is a good thing to do, but given the experiences of the last 13 years, since Mr. Taylor fought himself into the Executive Mansion, it hasn’t helped the people of Liberia.

The US gave up Liberia in mid 1990, when the need of an Omega 3 communication base, the stop-over capabilities for long-distance bombing flights at Robertsfield Airport weren’t needed anymore in the “new” world-order. Doe had been supported by the US throughout the ´80s, and Taylor was not only a fugitive-on-the-run in the US, but also openly backed by Burkina Faso and Libya, but the evolving civil-war in West Africa was just of no political interest. Not with the Gulf War coming up and the general opinion not to mess with African issues anymore.

It worked just fine! Africa has never seen more wars in its history, never have more people been slaughtered than in the last decade, never before have more people starved to death in Africa.

The West is beginning to focus on these problems, but we are still far away from understanding the cause, lest seeing a way to stop these atrocities and help the people, to lead them into a future without killing.

So please, PLEASE stop financing rebels, like LURD, stop financing governments, like those of Charles Taylor and Robert Mugabe, but invest these billions of US-dollars in humanitarian aid and civil-projects. Peace can not be brought to Africa with the AK-47 or Christianity/Islam.