Nimba People Killing Nimba People: Taylor's Plot in Play

News Analysis

By Jaybloh Nagbe Sloh
(The Town Chief)

Posted September 28,  2002




Those familiar with the military business tell us that it is not easy to plan the overthrow of a government, especially if one considers the very expensive and risky method used by Charles Taylor against the Doe Government. I am told this venture requires recruiting operatives who also have a "fish to fry" in the operation, not necessarily power. So, when Taylor decided to launch his destructive war in Liberia, he had one way to turn for recruitment. And that way was Nimba County.

He chose the route because, at the time, the Nimba man was the most reliable person with whom to do business when it came to warring with Samuel Doe. This was so because the Nimba man had deep seated political problems with Doe and his Krahn tribe. The Nimba people, before and particularly after the Quiwonkpa fiasco, believed Doe was out to exterminate them from the face of Liberia. Therefore, they would join any effort against Doe, whether or not it was led by a Nimba man. Indeed, Taylor heard it. Taylor saw it. Taylor felt it. Taylor knew it. Taylor rejoiced at it. And then Taylor jumped at it.


He recruited the likes of G. Moses K. Duopo (Gio), Samuel Saye Dokie (Mano), Isaac Saye Musa (Mano), Yegbeh Debon (Gio), Prince Yedu Johnson (Gio), Cooper Teah (Gio), Moses Blah (Gio), Enoch Dogolea (Gio), Paul Vaye (Gio), Edward Mlen (Gio), Benjamin Yeten (Gio), Benedict Bartuah (Gio), Prince Quiwonkpa (Gio), Melvin Sogbanie (Gio), Samuel Varney (Gio), Moses Varney (Gio), George Masuo (Gio), and so many other "SAYEs" and "GONKANUNs" ....the list is long. They went to Libya via Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso for training to invade their country with deadly weapons.

Planning The Plot


One afternoon, during a training session in Libya, Taylor stood at a distance, steered at the trainees and realized that there was no Chucky Taylor, no Benoni Urey, no Richardson, no Dennis, no Williamson, no Barnes, no Horton, no Minor, no Brown, no Stevenson, and no other name ending with "son." He could only see and count the "GONKANUNs," WONGEHs," DAHNs," and others from Gborplay, Karnplay, Zuoplay, and the other "plays" as well as from Butuo and the other "tuos." I mean he could only see Nimba kids.

At this point, Taylor sensed that the Nimba fellows could one day sit together, with Moses Duopo at the head of the table and Samuel Dokie to his right, and reason together. They would then ask themselves "why not one of us at the head of this NPFL thing?"

Taylor envisioned  that his trouble could begin from here. So, after a deep breath, Taylor said to himself: "And who told these people that I trust them to make me president in the presence of such smart and educated people like Moses Duopo, Jackson F. Doe, etc?" From there, Taylor hatched the plot: "I will use these same Nimba people to kill their own people and, thereby, eliminate the possible threat."

Implementing The Plot

Immediately after entering Liberia in 1990, Taylor put his plot into motion. He sent Paul Vaye and other Nimba boys to kill Jackson F. Doe, a son of Nimba County, who is believed to have won the 1985 presidential election. In the wake of threats to Nimba people at the hands of Samuel Doe's forces, Jackson Doe had been offered asylum by some foreign missions in Monrovia, but he refused and chose running toward his "children" who were fighting for Taylor.

The old man did not know that he was going into the "fire from the frying pan." As political reporter of Liberia's leading daily at the time (Rufus Darpoh's SUNTIMES newspaper), I extensively covered Jackson Doe and the "Grand Coalition" (grouping opposition parties after the 1985 elections). I was very closed to the old man, and he confided in me about most of his political plans.

Back to the topic. From Jackson Doe, Taylor has always sent Benjamin Yeaten, Paul Vaye, Edward Mlen and other Nimba men to kill Nimba men. Their victims include G. Moses K. Duopo (former Minister of Labour and Taylor's brother-in-law), David Dwayen (former Superintendent of Nimba and former Minister of Commerce), David Toweh (former Superintendent and former Senator of Nimba), Stephen Daniels (former Superintendent of Nimba), J. Patrick K. Biddle (former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court), Lewis Bailey (former Land Commissioner of Nimba), Counselor Alfred Flomo, Yegbeh Deabon (a mining engineer who is said to have recruited most of the fighters for Taylor), Cooper Teah, Moses Varney, Prince Quiwonkpa, Samuel Saye Dokie (former Minister of Internal Affairs and former Deputy Speaker of the Assembly), and many other "GONKANUNs" and "SAYEs"...the list is long.

Even Vice President Enoch Dogolea was reportedly beaten to death by Nimba operatives of Taylor. Just recently, another son of Nimba was placed in the cell with Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe, a world class human rights lawyer who also hails from Nimba, to torture and possibly kill the lawyer. As God would have it, the international community harassed Taylor out of killing this other Nimba man (Gongloe), although he still managed to create lifetime medical problems for the lawyer.

Again, just last week, Taylor's son, the notorious "Chucky," sent two Nimba members of his deadly "ATU" (I call it Another Terrorist Unit) to kill another Nimba man, Isaac Saye Gono. They killed him in cold blood. He has not been buried as I write this article. Gono's crime? He drove "Chucky's" car over a dog and the blood splashed on the car.

Like Duopo and others who were members of Taylor's "NPFL" (I call it Notorious Plundering Front of Liberia) and supposed to be his trusted aides, Gono was "Chucky's" chief driver and a First Lieutenant in the "ATU."

How Long?


So, after 13 years, Taylor's plot of "USING NIMBA PEOPLE TO KILL NIMBA PEOPLE" continues unabated. Too many people, including me, had expected the people of Nimba County to know by now that Taylor's intention for recruiting them was not to form a productive partnership against Doe. Unfortunately, we keep wondering how long will this continue before Nimba wakes up. Who else should Taylor kill from Nimba, using Nimba hands, before Nimba wakes up?

At this point, the question, for me, is not why Taylor wants to be using Nimba people to kill Nimba people. No! Far from that.

As stated earlier, I already know his reason. And that reason is simple: to minimize or completely wipe out the potential of the Nimba people getting rid of him for another Nimba man. And, logically, Taylor has a point there. Any power-drunk person would feel and act the same way.

Therefore, my questions, which may be the questions of many around the world, are: 


After thirteen unbroken years, have the Nimba people not realized Taylor's plot against them? If they have, do they sanction it by their slumber? And if they have not then when will they realize that Taylor is finishing them systematically, consistently, and persistently?

Nimba Before The War


Prior to the war, Nimba enjoyed respect and admiration from people across the world, not just in Liberia. It had one of the world's major iron ore companies (LAMCO) and was also a major source of food for the local market. It is the birth place of the Organization of African Unity (now African Union). It produced too many of Liberia's best brains, even in the army. Indeed, Nimba County, with its natural wealth and energetic human resources, had always made significant contributions to the economic, political, social, and cultural improvement of Liberia. The people of Nimba were never associated with the business of killing people, especially their own brothers and sisters.

Nimba During And After The War

Unfortunately, that reputation has been soiled by some of Nimba's own unprincipled sons and daughters while the good majority of the Nimba people look on with their mouths closed and arms folded. If the Nimba people fought and killed Doe because he was killing Nimba people, the I am wonder what justifies the killing of Nimba people by Taylor, especially using Nimba's own children to do the killing.

I wonder how the Liberian people would have described the Kpelle people had this troubling situation been in Bong County. Stupid, I guess. But now that it is Nimba County, our bank of adjectives is bankrupt. This is a shame.

A Way Out

Although the situation discussed above is a big shame for the people of Nimba County, it is not late for positive action. For them, I believe the "bank of reawakening for positive action" is still solvent. In short, Nimba County must now rise and save its remaining sons from Taylor. 


The enlightened majority must come together and consider strategies that can possibly free Nimba and its citizens from Taylor. I trust the brains of Nimba. I know they know what needs to be done. They have the logistics. They have the money. They have the human resources. In fact, Vice President Moses Blah is supposed to look into the mirror of Taylor's plot and see himself next in line for elimination. He and Nimba better act, AND ACT NOW, while time is still on their side.

© Robert W. Kranz  19-12-2002