Liberian Orbit, August 15, 2002          

LURD Rejects Fall of Headquarters

Press Release from LURD

In the wake of Taylor and his cronies lies, our forces are making serious military advances in the ongoing intense battle in the Country. We have captured the district of Suehn located some 40 miles from the Capital Monrovia. Fighting is going on at the outskirt of Tubmanburg City. Our forces hit Tubmanburg City yesterday afternoon but could not base there until total mopping up is carrying out throughout the various sectors.

Our forces are fully in control of Voinjama, which is our political headquarters in the Country. News report on the BBC" FOCUS ON AFRICA" yesterday that we lost Voinjama and other areas to Taylor's untrained and ruthless troops is false and misleading. Chairman Damate Conneh, Jr and the Chief of LURD Army Staff, Gen. Prince Seo are at the moment in Bopolu County inspecting logistical supply for the various frontlines that are heading for the Monrovia Mission.

Accompanying our Chairman Conneh, Jr and Gen. Seo Prince are a team of journalists and human rights researchers including former BBC "FOCUS ON AFRICA" Abidjan Stringer, now Deutch Radio West African Correspondent, Fiouma Cole. In order to verify for the authenticity of what we are saying, all international media and institutions interested may verify their news by contacting some of these Journalists on this satellite phone number in Voinjama: 008816 314 69596.

We are moving on Monrovia at a non stop operation this time around with no other consideration. In the wake of the passionate appeal from the World Federation Of The Blind, our forces did a tactical retreat from Tubmanburg City some weeks ago to allow International NGOs and the Catholic Mission of Liberia to evacuate the sixty(60)blind people that were stranded in the area. Now that these blind brothers and sisters of ours are out we have every reason to move ahead. We want to also assure the international community that the five(5) Nurses are now enroute to Voinjama and upon arrival will be evacuated to any place of their choice.

We are receiving serious periodic attacks from remnants of the Independent RUF rebels of Sierra Leone under the command of Sam Bockarie alias "Gen. Mosquito". These combined RUF/NPFL bandits are supplied by Taylor via Helicopter into the thick forest of Kailahun/Foya triangular frontiers of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. We find it difficult to repel these bandits because whenever we try to do so they retreat into Sierra Leone destroying villages and killing innocent civilians. Without much fact-finding and investigations, the Government of Sierra Leone usually put the blame on our forces. These RUF/NPFL bandits are causing havoc both in Liberia and Sierra Leone; and the intent for their existence is to resurface the Sierra Leonian war at Taylor's wish. But the lack of land supply route, which our presence in Lofa County has created, remains an obstacle to their active barbaric operations.

We therefore call on the Government and people of Sierra Leone and the vast international community to take due notice of these criminals and their godfather, rebel king and Liar, Charles Taylor. We and the people of Sierra Leone including President Kabba and his Ministers know fully well that it is because of LURD Forces basic military achievement in Liberia against his today friend, Charles Taylor, that is why there is peace and security in Sierra Leone today. We did all these in the interest of regional security for the West African Region against the Libyan destabilization plan for the sub region. If President Kabba is unable to appreciate our efforts because he is not a direct victim of the Sierra Leoneans war created by his present friends, Taylor and Libyan Gaddafi, we in LURD know that the victimized Sierra Leoneans population does.

Office of the National Spokesman

Liberians United for Reconciliation and Development

Voinjama, Lofa County, Republic Of Liberia

added by: Robert W. Kranz (Dec-2002)