Liberia Not protectorate to U.S.

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MONROVIA, Liberia  - The National Chairman of the Ruling National Patriotic Party, Chief Cyril A. Allen has declared that the Liberian Government is neither a protectorate nor a colony of the United States Government.

Chairman Allen said the Government of Liberia would under no condition submit to threat or confrontation from any nation to subvert any portion of the organic Laws of the Country.

The NPP Chairman' assertion come in the wake of recent statement made by the U.S. Ambassador accredited to Liberia, John W. Blaney, suggesting to the Government of Liberia to relax the 10 year Residency Clause to include opposition politicians to participate in the 2003 Elections.

Ambassador Blaney's statement has come under serious criticisms by civil organizations, prominent Liberians including the NPP.

Chairman Allen however, maintained that the NPP would not compromise the 10 year Residential Clause or any other provisions in the Constitution regarding elections.

"Opposition Political Parties having problem with the clause have the right to seek legal redress through the Supreme Court," the NPP Boss lamented. He has therefore, called on Ambassador Blaney to operate in line with his diplomatic status and stop interfering with Liberia's internal problems, as "Our Country is not a colony of the U.S Government." Adding, "Liberians are architects of their on future"

Commenting further on the U.S. Government's policy on Liberia, Chairman Allen asked the United States Government to re-examine its own internal policy, which, according to him, is unacceptable to many countries the world over.

He said, even the U.S. Government's standard of Human Rights record in the world is not a benchmark.

Meanwhile, Chairman Allen has disclosed that the closure of the Visa Section by the U.S. Embassy near this Capital is not a big deal, and that the brain dream in this year's elections and false declaration only to obtain VISA will subside.

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