LURD Controls Gbarnga, Takes Klay And Advances On Monrovia

By Office of the National Spokesman and Chairman Strategy and Public Relations Committee
Voinjama, Lofa County, Republic of Liberia -- Press Release May 12, 2002

News report by the Monrovia NPFL /NPP rebel regime of Charles Taylor that Gbarnga is no man's land is untrued and misleading. LURD's forces are in full control of Gbarnga and surrounding towns in Bong County, central Liberia. We are now pursuing Taylor's ATU rebel soldiers and foreign mercenaries at the notorious Gbatala sub terrorist base in upper Bong County towards Monrovia.

Meanwhile, our Executive Marines troop is advancing heavily on the Liberian capital Monrovia by way of Klay, in Bomi County. Suehn district, Klay and nearby towns are under LURD's control.

At the moment, Po River, a few miles from Brewerville, an outskirt of Monrovia is under serious military attack. We are capable of over running Monrovia, but our defense staff is analyzing possible means in getting Taylor while reducing civilian casualties in Monrovia.

Taylor's forces are on the run and at the same time committing atrocities against the civilian population. We condemn this behavior and call on the international community to ask Taylor and his bandits to stop same. We also appeal for humanitarian assistance for civilians in all parts of the country.

We call on all officials of the Taylor regime to be calm. We assure them of maximum security protection and freedom as Liberian citizens. We do not want them and will not permit anybody to harass them. They are Liberians and will be accorded every respect as enshrined within the Liberian constitution.

We call on all civil servants that their jobs will be secured. We ask all those responsible to maintain law and order to go about their normal duties but operate within the confines of the Laws of Liberia. We advise civilians to try by all means to be indoor regularly and avoid the streets because Taylor wants to fall with many people in his grave.

-- The End --

May 12th, 2002

© Robert W. Kranz  10-05-2002