Jallah Lone Lashes at Anti-Govt. Elements

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MONROVIA, Liberia  - The Deputy Chairman of Council of Chiefs and elders of Liberia, Chief Jallah Leone, has sounded a stern warning against what he terms "anti-government elements" who are doing all they can to discredit the NPP-led government and bring untold hardships to the war-wearied people of this country.

In a chat with journalists in Monrovia during a mass meeting with citizens of Gbarpolu County along with their Superintendent in preparation of a mass demonstration to be held on Saturday about America's role in Liberia, he said Liberians should by now be concentrating on how to wok collectively with the government as it strives to reconstruct the country as well as to put this ugly war to an end.

Jallah Lone lamented that such detractors should await the end of President Charles Taylor's six year term and contest the ensuing elections because Liberians demonstrated their constitutional franchise in July 1997 when they overwhelmingly voted the NPP-led government into office.

He said all Liberians and elders, whether at home or in the Diaspora, should give peace a chance and do all to uplift this country instead or attempting to further bury it because of one person business which has the propensity to drive more Liberians to suffering.

Mr. Lone noted that it was about time all Liberians rally around their government for the betterment of their homeland because, above all else, Liberia is our only patrimony and, as such, Liberians must do all to rebuild it since it was ruined by Liberians themselves and not foreigners.

Chief Lone has pledged his commitment to the democratic system and the rule of law.

© Robert W. Kranz  January-2003