Dear reader,

Mr. Bronsema's famous Coconut is fully available as pdf-files now.
I scanned the Coconut in a high quality but reduced them to 72dpi as to make it more convenient for modem-users to download them, even though they still are between 1,75 MB and 2,49 MB.
All Coconut Editions will be available on CD soon, in much better quality. To this CD IŽll also add a collection of "Bong Mine News" copies. YouŽll find this CD together with other memorabilia in the upcoming shop.
So, just click on the cover of the edition your interested in and enjoy reading these great magazines.
I wish to thank the Axmann family for lending me their copies of the Coconut Magazine.
The new Coconut Newspaper is being published on my website with commentaries and news-reports at I chose this option as to not offend anyone with my reports and commentaries on the situation in Israel and Afghanistan, which I seem to have done already as I could read in emails I received.
Thank you for your patience!