Liberian rebels row over leader

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The leader of the main rebel group in Liberia has rejected a decision by some members to dismiss him.

Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy leader Sekou Damate Conneh told the BBC he remained in charge.
Speaking from Senegal, he also called for those who had moved against him to be investigated and brought to justice. A group of 30 Lurd commanders said on Wednesday that Mr Conneh had been replaced because he had betrayed the interests of the movement.
Their spokesman, Mohammed Keita, said Lurd would continue to comply with a United Nations programme to hand in its weapons, which resumes at the end of next week. He said they also supported the peace agreement reached in August to end the civil war.
Since the deal, former government figures, both rebel groups and civilian opposition parties have formed a power-sharing government under interim leader Gyude Bryant.
The national unity administration is tasked with organising elections in 2005.

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  • Thursday 08th January 2004

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