Reisebilder aus Liberia
by: J. Büttikofer
2 Volumes (each ca. 440pp); Printed 1890

This is a great book about Liberia, its people and its cultures. I donīt know weather it was translated into english and the only edition I know of is a reprint that was made at BMC.

The Road to Democracy
Under the Leadership of Samuel K. Doe
Edited by Willie A. Givens; published 1986
The Kensal Press / ISBN 0-946041-44-X

This book documents the events leading from the coup of April 12th, 1980 to the inauguration of Samuel K. Doe as the 20th president of the Republik of Liberia, January 6th, 1986.

Kakata Highway
© Hans Krämer
"Memories of the Bong Range"

The Author was one of the men that helped set up the Bong Mine and bring it online. He stayed at the Bong through the first stages of operation. It is a wonderful book about Bong Mine, which is full of great stories and anecdotes.

Cooking Book
of the Bong Mine Community
by: Mrs. Clinton; Mrs. Lueger; Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Kappes published: 1983

This International Cooking Book has been compiled from recipes donated by housewives of many different nationalities living in the BMC Concession area.

This book was written in german and english and Iīll try to make it available again as pdf-download.

I killed people
by: Margit & Alice Schmid
©Lamuv Press 2001, ISBN 3-88977-599-3

Based on the award winning movie "I killed people" this book, in addition to the interviews with 5 former child soldiers, also gives background information on the situation in Liberia and on the worldwide use of children as soldiers in regional conflicts and wars.
A very depressing book. Highly recommended!

Chronik der Bong Town Schule
by: Gundula Imlauer

Information and data on the Bong Education Center from 1958 until the end in April 1990. Itīs a great booklet that really includes everything you ever wanted to know about the BEC and the German Branch.
It was published for our reunion in Nov. 2001 and can still be purchased
from Mrs. Imlauer.

Bong Mining Company 1955-1990
by: C. Siebel, R. Haus, W. Jacobs, H. Baur
Stahl&Eisen; ISBN 3-514-00658-X

This book is the best on the whole Bong Mining Company project. It not only spans the whole project, it also gives you a great look behind the scenes, from the planning through everyday life and problems, detailed mining & processing information, until the end and what still had to be done to finally cose this unique oversees mining project.

Leben wo der Pfeffer wächst
by: Liberian Working Group 1989
ISBN 3-926771-09-7

Written by various writers, this book portraits the history and the present of Liberia with all its aspects, in a easy to read, short and colourfull way. Enlighted with colour photographs and poems, as well as short stories from local authors.

Arzt in Liberia
by: Horst Kalthoff
ISBN 3-928027-19-0

Written in 1996, compiled from about 1500 pages of diary, this book reflects on the experiences of the author in Liberia as a government doctor in the years from 1959 to 1963. It also deals with Liberias history until today.
A wonderful book, thatīll keep you up for a night ;o)

Good Bye Liberia
by: K. Jaeger and G. Göring
ISBN 3-89406-440-4

The Authors have written an easy to read book about their experiences in Liberia, in the early 60s, as bush pilots. Their problems with liberian mentality and the thrill of flying over the liberian bush.

The History of the Bong Mining Company
by: James V. Thompson and Wolfgang Jacobs
ISBN (n.a.)

This is Skillings Mining Review Vol.83 No.22 of May 28th, 1994. It deals with the whole project of the Bong Mining Company and gives some pretty detailed insights to the various processes.
Itīs probably difficult to get but you could try to order a copy at Skillings.

Negerland an der Pfefferküste
by: Horst Münnich
VEB F.A. Brockhaus, Leipzig 1956

A wonderful book about Liberia as we all like to remember it, a beautyfull country that was so difficult to understand. The author travelled through the country and has a great way of expressing his experiences.

The Mask of Anarchy
by: Stephen Ellis
ISBN 0-8147-2219-9 (pbk.)

A model of lucid writing, thorough research and penetrating interpretation, this is one of the best books on Afrika in recent years and gives some very thrilling insights into the Liberian Civil War. Stephen Ellis focuses on the civil war that has blighted Liberia and examines the history that lies behind the stories of horror.

Neger, Neger Schornsteinfeger
by: Hans J. Massaquoi
ISBN 3-426-61854-0

by: James Cobb
ISBN 0-7472-6149-0

When renegade African General Obe Belewa seizes power in Liberia, itīs the first step in a plan to unite all of West Africa under his bloody rule - and only one thing that can halt him is UNAFIN, the United Nations task group made up of light naval units from Great Britain, France and the U.S.
Great book that plays in the year of 2007.

Landeskunde Liberia
by: Willi Schulze
ISBN 3-534-05821-6

A great book with a lot of otherwise very difficult to find information about Liberia. For those interested in the history and culture a must read.

Crossing the River
by: Caryl Phillips
ISBN 0-330-33304-6

Crossing the River spans 250 years of the African diaspora. It tracks two brothers and a sister on their seperate journeys through different epochs and continents - as a missionary to Liberia in the 1830s, a pioneer on a wagon trail to the American Wild West later that century, and a GI posted to a Yorkshire. village in the Second World War

New Song in a Strange Land
by: Sther Warner

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