Liberia is situated at the West African coast in the tropical belt north of the Equator. With its 111,370 square miles it is about the size of Ohio. Its coastline has a length of about 560 km.

1988 the population counted about 2,4 million people. These included 4% of foreigners, of which most were from other African countries. The population density was 25 persons per sqkm (e.g. 245 persons per sqkm in Germany). Polpulation growth was estimated at 3,5% and about half of the liberians were under 20 years of age.
Then came the civil war, one of the most brutal Africa has ever seen, and more than half the population fled, the foreigners left, over 250.000 people were killed or are missing to this day and at the hight of the war, Monrovia was inhabitated by less than 12.000 people.

Ethnic division:
The Liberian population was made up of 28 indigenuos tribes (91%), Americo-Liberians (5%) and foreigners (4%).

Liberia has a tropical climate with very high humidity and constant average temperatures throughout the year between 26°C in coastal areas and 20°C in the mountains to the north. Average rainfall measures 5000mm at the coast and 2200 inland. There´s a dry season from December to March.

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