What´s happened so far:

Next Upload will be by Tue. 02nd of January 2007 

I still need more E-Mail Addresses, Class Pictures, Portrays of the people and more resumees. It would be great if you could also supply me with pictures of the town itself and of your houses at Bong (for the map). In due course there´ll also be a few radio programms from the Bong Radio Station on this site. ;o)

If you would like to assist me or contribute to this website then please email, call me (+49-160- or check the topic "Your Help is Welcome" in the main menu.

For the Pop-Ups:

You probably by now have seen that I am adding personal pop-up windows to everyone from Bong. Now, I really need your help for this project. It would be great if you could supply me with pictures of the people from those days at Bong and also from today, and it would be wonderfull if you could take a few minutes time and write a short essay about yourself - anything you like, really, e.g. what you´ve done since you´ve left Bong. You don´t have to write in English, as I don´t mind translating your essay to English. Thank you very much in advance.

Tue. 26-12-2006

I hope all of you have had a great and peaceful christmas. The work on the website is continuing and StayConnect is finally online (check the main menu). We will continue the work on the frontend of this new database in the coming days and maybe weeks to improve the appearance. In due course the edit-function will also be available. Please note, to reduce SPAM all email-addresses will be displayed with the suffix "BMC_", which you'll have to delete before sending your email. As for now, the email-address will have to be copied using "copy-paste" but we're working on a secure, spam-proof version where you'll just have to click on the mail to send an email.
We are also working on a new discussion board (we will need administrators) and I hope we will be able to add a video-database. If you have movies from Liberia (any format) could you please contact me (webmaster@bong-town.com)?

Mon. 16-05-2005

Some cmore changes have been made to the main menu of the site and I have added two more topics and a section about the US Military Missions in Liberia.
I have continued the work on the section "Contibuted Images" with 58 pictures taken by Mr. Wolfgang Wöhning and a movie Mr. Johann "Hans" Kranz just send me.
Now I will update the news section. And please click on the adds on the startup page every now and then... Thanx!
Take care, where ever you are and my God bless you.

Sun. 08-05-2005

Some changes have been made to the main menu of the site and I have found a convenient way to publish your pictures on this website. I have started the section "Contibuted Images" with 66 pictures taken by Stephan Neumaier in early/mid 2004. I am now going through the CDs I previously received from some readers and upload a selection of their pictures in the same way.
Until coming Wednesday I will add more news from Liberia with an election-watch.
Take care, where ever you are and my God bless you.

Thu. 05-05-2005

Best greetings from sunny Barcelona. I am currently adding some new links to the site and giving it a small face-lift in some parts. There will be some new news-reports online and a couple of new pictures until the coming weekend.
I have added some more names to the lists and work on the new database is going ahead well.
Take care, where ever you are and my God bless you.

Sun. 10-04-2005

114 new pictures from Bong and Liberia, three new personal-pop-ups, a few address changes, 24 new news articles, courtesyy of the BBC and the addition of an Google AdSense Banner to the Start-up page. Thanx!

New pictures are currently being edited for upload and there will be another upload of news-reports from the last months.
Starting upon my return from a job in the US I will have a coninuous reportage on the upcoming elections in Liberia on October 11th, with news-clips from the international media, articles from the Liberian Press (thanx to a newly arranged press-delivery to me in Germany) and interviews with the prospective candidates.
I will, as planned for now, return home to Liberia in mid September to cover the elections in full and prepare a photo documentary on Liberia today...
Statistic: Currently a 12-month average of 84.012 page-hits per month ... Thank you!

Sun. 20-02-2005

59 new pictures in the GCCBR Section, topic "Fishing", courtesy of Mr. Wolfgang Wöhning
Some new Email Adresses and a 9 new Personal Pop-Up windows...
Statistic: Currently a 12-month average of 66.704 page-hits per month ... Thank you!

Sat. 19-02-2005

12 new pictures in the GCCBR Section, topic "Aero", courtesy of Mr. Wolfgang Wöhning

Fri. 18-02-2005

In the main menu to the right you will find a new topic "UNMIL - Photos". I have uploaded some 94 pictures taken by Daniel Banck of the Swedish Armed Forces during his tour with the UN. In the upcoming weeks I will try and add more articles and reports about the UNMIL mission in Liberia.
The next upload on Sunday will be more pictures from Bong and times long gone.
I will also start updating the news section early coming week and Sue is going to inform you about her plans of a "small" reunion in Germany.

Tue. 09-11-2004

I guess a lot of you Friends of Bong and readers of this website have allready thought that work on this site may have ceased... IT HASN'T!!!
This last year has been very tough and many things good and sad have happened, I had a few setbacks too many and sadly one of the things that was and had to be neglected during all these weeks and months was this website.
I wish to send you my excuse and I do hope that finally I have come to a point in life that gives me enough strenght and power to not only manage all the troubles but also take the time to keep up this work for you!
The great number of visitors from all over the world during the last 12 months show that your interest is unbroken and I have sorted a couple of pictures which I will prepare for upload in the coming weeks. There already have been some minor changes and additions but those are really too minor to mention.
Take care, wherever you are, especially those readers from the US Military and Government Services who have visited this site last month, and may God bless you!
In dear memory of those who have left us during the last year! We will always keep your memory alive!

Wed. 27-08-2003

The Party weekend in Clausthal is over, I am sorting the pictures and work on a new project which we (the attendees) decided on starting.
During the last month there have been a few additions to the website, such as some address changes, and also some new pictures. More pictures, donated by Oliver Takatsch, will be uploaded until the weekend.
The section that is now update nearly every day is the News Section!
All the best and here is another date to remember: On August 21st, 2004 the next Party in Clausthal is scheduled!

Tue. 15-07-2003

Hello Bong Miners. All the Coconut Editions are online and can be downloaded as pdf-files and I have uploaded some more pictures from Monrovia these days.
The News-Section will be updated until this weekend and I'll also add a report from Mr. Heiner Heck.

Thu. 19-06-2003

After sending the first newsletter out to you, I added it´s content also to the website and worked on some other sites as well...
...more news from Liberia, the first pdf-Edition of the Coconut, and some minor changes on other subjects. At the moment I am editing just over 100 pictures from Bong, send to me by Mr. Uli Hartmann earlier this year, which I´ll hopefully be able to upload this upcoming weekend. The "Supermarket" will probably go online at the end of June, just as the other "Coconut" and also the "Bong Mine News" issues!

Fri. 13-06-2003

I´ve added some more news-reports, pictures from Liberia (some scenes from June 2003), some pictures of the railroad system in Liberia, taken by Mr. Christoph Fränkel earlier this year and I´ve added a few more names to the overseas-employees section.
I´ll have more news and commentaries within the next couple of days and probably also more pictures.
A newsletter is being prepared as well, which will be mailed to you this weekend.

Mon. 09-06-2003

Finally my work on this website continues. Sadly though, now that new severe fighting has erupted in Liberia, I have concentrated on updating the news section first. More reports from Liberia will be added continously during the following days. I´ll also add new pictures to the club sections and have some new articles and reports from the past days uploaded.
Thank you very much for your patience and all the emails send during the last months.

Thu. 20-03-2003

Welcome to just another war. Like 13 years ago, Liberia is bleeding without anyone noticing, as the US again invades Iraq.
I´ve finally uploaded some new pictures in the section about Bong after 1990. The news-section will be updated within the next couple of days and then I´ll try to have new stories and data uploaded on a more frequent basis again. The list of the liberian employees will be uploaded by next week as well.
I wish to thank you for your patience and your emails in the last months. I had a lot of other things to do, not just on my other two websites, but also quite a few articles to write, pictures to sell and a few exams at University to master.

Sun. 05-01-2003

, hello, friends of Bong Town. There have been a few more additions, which are as follows:
- A new topic in the "About Liberia"-section: "Literature"
- A total of 40 new pictures in the section "Pictures from Bong"
- The history of the Golf Club is completed
- I guess I have forgetten the other changes, but I hope you´ll find them ;-)

Thu. 02-01-2002

, Welcome to 2003! I have uploaded some more pictures and the report from the "Luftwaffe" Magazin (so far German only) about the evacuation from Bong.
And I have added the Story: "The Challenge of the Mine" by Eugen P. Plotzki !!

Mon. 30-12-2002

, I hope you had a great christmas. I´ve uploaded some more information on Liberia, updated the news section and there were some more changes to the "Miscellaneous"-Section (e.g. Stories and Reports, Weather Forecast). More pictures are being prepared at the moment and will be uploaded until January 1st.
Take care and all the best for the new year!

Tue. 24-12-2002

, I wish all of you a merry christmas. There´s small christmas-card on the following page.

Sat. 21-12-2002

Now there are a total of 68 new pictures and postcard-images online, teh layout has been altered and the "Miscellaneous"-Section has been changed. There are some new reports and texts online as well, and there´s a lot more to come until the end of this month. Happy surfing!

Wed. 18-12-2002

And on it goes. There is some music from Liberia up for download now (such as "Sweet Liberia" from Zack and Geebah); I´ve added another 56 pictures from the days before the last civil war started; a few more email addresses have been added; there have been a few layout changes and there now is a page with a few hints for you if you wish to assist me with my work on this website. I still have a heap of articles and about 280 pictures, that´ll be uploaded in the next few weeks, so keep checking out this site.

Tue. 03-12-2002

, wow, don´t be flabbergasted ;-)
I have finally returned from Kabul, Afghanistan, after being on the road for close to 15 weeks. After nearly 10 weeks without a running computer, I managed to get it working again yesterday with the help of a few friends and now will dive into the work head-on. There´s a lot of material to be added within the next weeks, so watch out on all fronts.
Anyway, thank you very much for your patience and please address all your mails to me to either
robert.kranz@bong-town.com or
All the best and hope I am looking forward to hearing of you soon.

Sun. 14-07-2002

, at last the next uploads. I´ve added 46 new pictures from the BEC Reunion in November of 2001, quite a few new pop-ups, and have again done some major changes to the source-code of nearly all of the pages. The old issues of the "Coconut" and the "Bong Mine News" will be uploaded soon as well....& loads more to come.

Tue. 25-06-2002

, well, there have been some major additions and changes now, which for example can be found in the "About Liberia" Section. There are just about 60 new Pop-Ups with old Pictures from Bong in the "Employees" Section, a few new ones in the "School" Section and I have started work on the Evacuation in 1990. There have also been changes and additions to the "CBR" Section but there´ll be a lot more to come until next week.
Oh, yes, and I´ve changed banners and the start-up picture. I hope I do not offend anyone, but I personally think that the situation in Israel is something that´s to really care about.

Mon. 18-06-2002

, There haven´t been that many changes the last few weeks, and sorry for that. But be just a little more patient, pleaase. I am writing and writing and writing and will upload all these new pages and additions, pop-ups, pictures and information on Liberia and its people on Monday the 24th, when I´ll have access to a high-speed internet-connection again. Thanks.

Sat. 25-05-2002

, I added a few more pop-ups (e.g. Christoph and Julia Wenzel), and 12 new email addresses, just as some more pictures. I changed the layout of the german pupils section to frames and have completed the address-list of the pupils. The latter wont be published on the net and I´m checking all the addresses right now, as to if they´re still accurate. Please help my by sending me your address and phone numbers. Thank you very much!

Mon. 13-05-2002

, I managed it! 4 new pop-ups added (Welzels, Carola Adamczak, Sandra Schintu (text-only)!
And I´ve finished the changes, there´re new news, 101 new pictures. More is to come within the next week. I wish you loads of fun going through the pages...

Wed. 08-05-2002

, Some new addresses were added, just as a few more pop-ups (just pictures though). I´m working on a major change of the pages at the moment (conversion to full frames) and have some 200 pictures of Bong (past and today) which will be uploaded as soon as I´m done with these changes. Thanx for your patience.

Sun. 05-05-2002

, I uploaded the "Last Men Standing" Section. Still a lot missing probably, but I have got the first 3 reports online (just in german for now); I also added some more pop-ops with pictures and a few more email addresses.

Thu. 02-05-2002

, 2 more Pop-Ups (Milena and Scott Harris) and 5 more without text added, just as well as 12 new E-mail addresses.

Sat. 27-04-2002

, 21 more Pop-Ups added (just with pictures, no essays yet), some more pictures of the last reunion (by Mr. Stürzenberger), and some more pictures of the evacuation.

Wed. 24-04-2002

, 3 more Pop-Ups added (Hermann Rüdel, Saskia Modl and Tanja Schakat), a few new email addresse. I´m also working on a new Address List...

Mon. 22-04-2002

, the first 49 pictures of the Reunion are online. Some changes to the website have been done and some more email addresses added...

Wed. 17-04-2002

, new Pop-Ups for: Christina Hermann and Eva Jannsen (Bohn), 7 new E-mail adresses added, some minor changes and more to come tonight and tomorrow

Wed. 04-04-2002

, Paul Smisek jun. has his pop-up ready; the history on Liberia has changed, there are some songs do download and more is to come on Saturday...

Mon. 01-04-2002

, I uploaded the History of the BMC Section. Except for three articles its complete now. I also did some work on the History of Liberia part.

Thu. 28-03-2002

, 38 new Email Addresses added, 2 new Personal-Pop-Ups (PPUs)..., and some more pics in existing PPUs...

Wed. 27-03-2002

, today I uploaded some new Email Addresses, started adding new news and finished preliminary work on the Coconut page, which will be uploaded the next couple of days.

Tue. 05-03-2002

, I spent the last days working on the town-map, which is now clickable, but I still have to add a lot of pictures of houses and facillities, so it´ll still take some time. I also added some more e-mail addresses, one new personal pop-up window and have started with the first 10 years of history of the Aero Club. More pictures and more on the history of Bong Mine and its Clubs will be online until this weekend.

Sun. 24-02-2002

, today I uploaded a Town Map, 3 new News Reports incl. 9 pictures and a few more email addresses....

Sat. 23-02-2002

, I added 5 new names, 12 new e-mail addresses, an old telephone book (Misc-Section), more news and another enrolment picture...

Tue. 19-02-2002

, I worked on the layout, added 34 new personal pop-up windows; added some Enrolment Pictures in the BEC Section and some new pictures from Bong...

Mon. 18-02-2002

, Thanx to Lars & Thorsten Schäfer, I could also add a liberan english dictionary in the "Miscellaneous"-Section and pictures from the war, a chronology of events in the main menu and more...

Sun. 17-02-2002

, there are 5 pop-up windows complete now, Daniela Pedocchi, Susanne Heck, Thorsten & Lars Schäfer & mine, and there some more stuff in the Miscellaneous Section. I also added 4 more names and 16 new email addresses and the HAM-Radio page, written by Helmut Manzel

Sat. 16-02-2002

, I´ve started adding the personal pop-up windows (16 so far), but need some more data about you and more pictures, please...

Thu. 14-02-2002

, I´ve added a few pictures to the GCCBR Section, especially to the Golf and Aero Club. I´ve also written a small window about me. Please have a look at it in the German Branch Section of the BEC, because I would like to add such a info-box for every name and therefore need some pictures of you from the Bong days and today, as well as a short text on what you would like to have written in that box!
Ooh, and I´ve also added a section on books about Liberia and the Bong Mining Company...It can be found under the "Miscellaneous" - Topic in the main menu to the left.

Tue. 12-02-2002

, I´ve added 19 new E-Mail Addresses and am just now verifying 9 others. Workers name section is complete as to my lists. News section is updated as well...

Sun. 10-02-2002

, I´ve changed the layout a little (just a test if you like it ;o)), added some 24 new pictures in the BMC Section and done some small stuff....

Sat. 09-02-2002

, I´ve redone the news section, so you´ll find the hottest news here.

Fri. 08-02-2002

, The message board is up and running.