There is no doubt that Liberia has entered the world of Golf. In 1938, the first golf couse was built by the Firestone Plantations Company in harbel. Since then, another eight golf courses have been built all over the Country and have become part of the Liberian scene. The Liberian Amateur Golf Association was formed in 1969 by Senator W. V. S. Tubman and representatives from all the Golf Clubs. The first National Amateur Golf Championship was held at Firestone on January 31st, 1970, which was won by Hugh ´Darsey of Firestone. He also won the second open Championship which was held at Bong Range in 1971.
In 1972, the Ladies Golf Union was formed to encourage female participants. Since the formation of the LAGA, two Tournaments have been held each year. They are the `Scratch´ and the `Handicap´ Championship.
The `Scratch´ is designed for the best players in the Country, while the `Handicap´ gives everyone a chance to qualify. Normally, there is a field of forty players (four from each Club and one Liberian Team). There is also one Ladies Championship held each year.