1976 Club Bong Range - Main Sports Facilities

How it all started

At the end of 1962, 20 oversees employees came
together, who wanted to build a larger sports
facillity near the living area south, where
soccer, athletics, tennis and other ball sports
could be played.

After they had convinced the management of their
plan, the CBR 63 -"Club Bong Range 1963"-
was founded in May of 1963.

The first president was Mr. Karl-Helmut Bauseler.

The club offered:

- a soccer field (regular size)
- a smaller field for other ball games,
- 3 paved tennis courts which where later covered with
- a mini-golf course and
- the first Clubhouse with a bar.

Soon there were more sportive and other activities
under the roof of the CBR 63 and through the
following years more and more independent clubs

© Robert W. Kranz