President Tubman, the former Head of State of Liberia, called the Iron Ore deposit of the Bong Range the "poor bone". What has become of it, was witnessed by many Europeans , mainly German and Italian, and other oversees employees of the Bong Mining Company (BMC) in the last centuries. This website is dedicated to all of those who where there and it will try to help their relatives and friends, who couldn´t be there, understand and/or get another impression of what it meant to live in Liberia and especially Bong Town in those days before the Civil War started in November of 1989.

I was born at the Bong Mine Hospital and have lived in Bong Town for 16 years, attending the school up to the 10th grade and enjoying the great oportunities that were given in this unique mining camp.
Maybe this site is a way for me to deal with this past, but I want to try to show how wonderful those days were and give an impression of how much work it had cost to build a town like this in the middle of the western african bush.

I hope you´ll enjoy your stay on this website and maybe you could contribute some pictures, names, anecdotes or anything else to this site. Also, please feel free to criticise my work, point to mistakes that I have made and tell me what´s missing on these pages. If it should be possible, I´ll try to include it.

Yours sincerely,


© Robert W. Kranz