After four years of work and having this website online itīs unbelievable what could be achieved with your help.

It really is amazing. After writing my first website about Liberia and Bong Town in early 1996 -I never got very far, sadly, as I had to focus on other more urgent things- I kept on thinking about writing a new site. I had bought the web-address already, but it was not until the reunion in November of 2001, in Jena, that I finally decided on sitting down and start the whole thing.

It wasnīt much that was online in late December 2001 and early 2002, but the traffic I got on my server was mindblowing. It was so unbelievable, just as the feedback I received, that I had to go on.
Until now I was able to add a great number of news-reports, personal accounts, information pages and more than 700 pictures to this website. So far, the whole page has a volume of just over 164MB of data, and there is still a lot more coming up in 2005.
In 2002 I had an average of ~64,500 hits/month on this site with a peak of ~124,000 hits/month.
In 2003 the monthly average was up to ~78,800 hits/month and a peak of ~114,000 hits/month.
In 2004 the monthly average was at ~65,804 pagehits/month with an alltime high of more than 130,000 pagehits. During the month of October I had visitors from 51 countries on these pages!!!
In 2005 the monthly average is currently at ~74,381 pagehits/month with a peak in March of just over 122,000 pagehits. The country list from which these pages have been accessed now compises a total of 129!!! countries.
I wish to thank you for your great assistance in making this site what itīs now. Thank you for sending me so many pictures and for taking the time to write down the personal accounts. I also wish to thank those of you who have helped me with technical assistance while writing this homepage.

I would like to especially mention Mrs. Imlauer for her great work on the Address-List with which I started, Mr. Lazlob for all the information from his vast archive, Mr. Manzel for his work on the "Radio & TV-Club"-pages, Mr. Greve and the Axmann family, for sending me all those pictures and information about Bong Town, and Mr Jakobs & Mr. Charly Gouase, from whom Iīve got a lot of the pictures that have so far been added in the BMC section. I also have to mention Mr. Jürgen Wiesner, who has a treasure of many newspapers and memorabilia from Liberia and Bong still in his possession, part of which he already lend me to copy and scan them for use on this website.

Last, but not least, I wish to thank all the news publications (Online and Print), as well as the various authors, that have contributed stories, for the permissions to republish their articles and stories about Liberia on this website.
I wish to expicitly mention the BBC in this context as they were the first to grant me the permission to republish their news-reports from Liberia.
Yours sincerely,